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well heyyyyyy there retro lovers, goths, misfits, riot girls n beautiful freaks - this will be the place where i get creative, dump my thoughts, ideas, vent, rage, rant and share my opinions, loves and passions. WARNING: it's gonna feature a lot of retro n 90s content, gaming, some poetry, art, a bit of photography, random musings, A WHOLE LOT of politics/ activism, plus my addiction to make up and general love of 90s and retro music, fashion, film and aesthetics. i MAY also share links to my fiction and journalistic projects as well as some personal pics - but as my time is a bit limited, not sure how regularly i'll be able to work on this thing.

however this is intended as a creative and therapeutic outlet for me and i'm looking forward to being able to vent/ create via this space, so i'll try to check in as much as i can

i've also started this up as a space where i can vent my spleen - aka my often unpopular opinions and though i don't post hate speech and i'm not a fash or anything (quite the oposite, i'm a commie:P) - i dont hold back. so please, if you're one of those people that can't tolerate differences of opinion this may not be the place for you. one of the other reasons i've started this project is because it's becoming fucking impossible to share/ speak your views, IF they dovetail from what is currently deemed acceptable. one of the reasons i am so nostalgic for the 90's - and i actually lived through this decade (these were my teenage years) was because in many respects the culture was more free and it was FUN. wrongthink and cancel culture was just not a thing, people could debate and they still possessed the powers of critical thinking. also, the internet when it began was way more creative and far less commercial than it has become, people used to use it to seek out information and expand their minds, not just to post selfies, tik tok vids or view porn.

i believe a lot of things were better back in the 90s - i think our current culture in the west is broken, with more and more people divided than ever and greed, narcissism, and superficial values reigning. but i believe firmly in the belief that you create your own reality and destiny. if enough of us want to change things bad enough, in politics, in art and on the internet we can. we can turn the ship around and make the net the free non-commercial place it used to be, where people want to express their uniqueness through highly imperfect but deliciously quirky websites rather than attempt to gather the mosts followers and likes by posting filtered selfies on generic social media!


so if you've stayed to read my waffle, this far, i'd like to ask you a question... however old you are, and whether you lived through the 90s or not, is to ask you to ask yourself this - are you happy with the way things are currently, or do you think culture and society was (mostly) better in the 90s? and lets think in general terms here, and not get hung up on semantics please? do you prefer "woke" culture where you can get cancelled for saying, hey you know i don't actually think it's stunning and brave to share your kink, do you prefer the music of today, or the music of the 90s and what do you think about how we all used to get on? do you really think we're less sexist now? less racist? more united? because i really don't think so....and we're definitely more capitalist and commercial - EVERYTHING is a hustle now. and i know you all know by now that capitalism only exacerbates hierarchy right? look around, the rich are only gettihng richer and the poor are no closer (much farther away in fact) to getting a piece of the pie. to be honest, the true divide has ALWAYS been between the poor and the rich - so if you aren't a 1%'er, don't you think that maybe, just maybe it's time for a people powered RRREVOLUTION!

if so, there are a few things you can do right now, or almost right now to start making change. 1) make a promise to yourself to open your mind and not just automatically reject an idea or opinion out of hand JUST because it's not seen as the correct opinion to hold. instead use common sense and fairness to decide what's right and wrong to judge - and research both sides of the argument. oh and weigh up ALL the facts - don['t just blindly agree, for fucks sake!!! 2) join a union. whatever job you have if you're working, please join a union. unionised workers get shit done - and they terrify corps. since we're becoming more corporatised than EVER and corporations are now making moves to step up their game and take things to the next level with orwellian digital id, performance monitoring and targets, joining a union is one simple act of resistance to the regime you can perform that will make a HUGE difference. 3) if you haven't already consider junking, or severely cutting down on technocrat run facebook, shitter etc.... instead, why not use old skool alternatives, like message boards, IIRC etc... oh and here's a thought, why not start a neocities too, if you haven't already? you can post your art, rando political vents, poems, anything you damm well please.... c'mon let's invoke that diy spirit of the 90s n get creative & RECLAIM THE INTERNET!!!



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